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Posted: April 22, 2012 in Bay Area
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M and I stopped at Mochicream the same day we stopped at Paris Baguette. Mochicream is located in San Jose, CA within the Mitsuwa Japanese market.

When you walk in the front doors, it’s located on left.

Mochicream takes up a corner of the marketplace. It doesn’t have anywhere to sit down, it’s pretty much just like a bakery in a grocery store.

There are plenty of flavors to choose from. Not only do they serve mochi, but cakes, cookies, marshmallows and soon donuts. After debating for a really long time with M, we finally decided on our two flavors. I got the Peach Yogurt and he got the Double Mango.

We decided to get them in a box to go and headed over to the book store across the parking lot. The person manning the post said to wait 10 minutes for them to thaw.

The Peach Yogurt was okay… the mochi was soft and delicious but the Peach Yogurt filling was a bean paste consistency. I’m not a huge fan of bean paste, but I think this version may help me appreciate bean paste a little more lol.

M’s Double Mango was pretty good. He loved it! The only thing I can complain about is that it was pretty messy. The white part is pretty much whipped cream and the fruit filling in the middle was pure mango filling. I liked it a bit more than my Peach Yogurt!

I also managed to snag these that were sitting prettily by the register. I’ll be doing another post on these on my other food blog!

M and I decided to stop by Mochicream again a few weeks later to try two other flavors we had our eye on.

I settled for the Apple Pie (right) and M got the Chocolate Banana (left).

The Apple Pie mochi had the same whipped cream consistency that M’s Double Mango had. While this was good, the thing that turned me off about it was the, I guess “flaky apple pie” crumbs within the fruit filling. The texture in my opinion threw the whole thing COMPLETELY off. M however loved it and pretty much inhaled it after I said I didn’t want it anymore lol.

M’s Chocolate Banana had the bean paste consistency that my Peach Yogurt had (isn’t that ironic?) and was dusted with bittersweet chocolate on top. This one was a bit messy and I felt like the bittersweet chocolate over powered the banana filling. I wasn’t really digging this one either.

I think I’m done trying mochi’s at Mochicream but I am interested in trying their cakes, Macarons (which I didn’t see either times I was there) and their other sweets. Maybe one day I’ll make the effort to go there during the day and not an hour before they close lol.

675 Saratoga Ave
San Jose, CA 95129

  1. M says:

    Mochi cream is so good!!! The mango one was really good! I wanna go get more!!!

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