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Posted: July 8, 2012 in Las Vegas
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Just like with Sugar Factory, Jean Philippe Patisserie has two locations; the main one located in The Bellagio and a smaller/quick service location located in The Aria casino area.

This review is for the main location in The Bellagio.

The location in The Bellagio is a little smaller than the one in The Aria and I can’t really explain where it is, I still get lost getting there myself. But it looks like this, with a case line and the infamous chocolate fountain that didn’t make it into the shot (that’s on the right).

They have a wide selection of beautiful pastries, some chocolates in cute boxes around the shelves and they also offer crepes and drinks. I settled on this one because it included three different things to try!

The Peanut Caramel Lollipop wasn’t anything special. It was pretty much peanut mousse dipped in chocolate. By the time we got it to the table, it was already starting to melt and not only did it tasteinteresting (as in kinda weird) but the texture wasn’t all that pleasurable either.

The Creme Brûlée was interesting, it was pretty much caramel flavored custard with a disk of white chocolate on top and a thin caramel sauce on top. It still gave you that “crack the shell” illusion and I really liked how it came with its own mini spoon!

The Rose Macaron was my absolute favorite part of the whole thing! The shells were soft and chewy and the raspberries added a nice tart to the rose flavored filling. I’m not someone to reach for rose or lavender flavored things but this made me want to reconsider that!

The platform it was on was made of chocolate and was totally edible too, my husband took a few bites but there’s only so much solid chocolate a person can take even after sampling the 3 things on top.

I’m looking forward to having this again on my next trip!

Jean Philippe Patisserie
Bellagio Resort & Casino
3600 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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