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Posted: July 3, 2012 in Las Vegas
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There are two Sugar Factory locations on the Las Vegas strip — one in the Paris Casino and a smaller one in the Miracle Mile Shops mall connected to the Planet Hollywood resort.

This review is for the one in the Paris Casino.

At the end of our first night in Vegas for my birthday weekend, I was craving something sweet and I wasn’t ready to call it a night yet even though we basically walked the entire strip and my feet were getting very angry. We passed the Paris Casino on the way back (since we were staying at Planet Hollywood and it’s pretty much next door) and I decided to pop into Sugar Factory for… I really didn’t know. I think I had my heart set on one of those super pricey candy cocktail drinks. But that’s not what I ended up with.

Browsed the menu after M rejected the idea of a $36 candy cocktail. Okay, he had a point but one day I will try it! There’s also a case line of truffles and Pâté De Fruit if you come in through the side from the actual casino so I picked out these two pretties — A Lime Truffle and a Passion Fruit Pâté De Fruit. Both were delicious! I believe they were $1.50 a piece, don’t quote me though.

The Lime Truffle wasn’t too tart, it was more refreshing than anything and it was creamy. It was also covered in lime sprinkles.

The Passion Fruit Pâté De Fruit was new to me since I’ve never tried one of these but always wanted to. I’m glad I did! It was chewy sort of like gummy candy but better. It also had a very bold Passion Fruit flavor to it.

I will definitely be back here next time to snatch these two up again!

Instead of the candy cocktail, I decided on this.

The White Chocolate Raspberry Frozen Hot Chocolate was huge for its price. It had a very faint white chocolate taste to it but nearly no raspberry flavor at all. The best part of the drink was the chocolate flakes on top and the freeze dried raspberry garnish.

I was curious to try out another Frozen Hot Chocolate in comparison toSerendipity (which is my favorite) and this one didn’t really compare. It was under $10 so it wasn’t too pricey (especially for its size) but it’s not something I would come back for.

I really liked the feel of the bar/cafe. There’s a doorway to the side for the famous Sugar Factory candy store and the restaurant. But this side of the bar/cafe was much more quiet and as you can tell from my pictures, much more dim. It was a relaxing place to be to enjoy some truffles and a cold drink after spending all day walking.

I hope to try the actual restaurant some day, the food looks amazing and of course my candy cocktail 😛

Sugar Factory American Brasserie
Paris Hotel & Casino
3655 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109

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