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M & I discovered Little Mad Fish in Vacaville, CA back in 2008 or 2009. Either way the Bento Boxes were the best deal at under $10 and their selection of sushi wasn’t as large as it is today. Now Little Mad Fish has several locations around the Bay Area. They had a location at […]

M and I stopped at Mochicream the same day we stopped at Paris Baguette. Mochicream is located in San Jose, CA within the Mitsuwa Japanese market. When you walk in the front doors, it’s located on left. Mochicream takes up a corner of the marketplace. It doesn’t have anywhere to sit down, it’s pretty much […]

Someone I know mentioned this place to me awhile ago. I don’t stop by Palo Alto that often unless it’s to get some cupcakes from Sprinkles but I’m always up to discover things in that city. Paris Baguette is located on University Ave, which is pretty much a whole street/area with lots of shops and […]

M & I ventured to a new city awhile ago: Danville, CA. I was on the search for a store and was pleasantly surprised that it was part of this super cute plaza that had these ponds and lakes where you could feed the ducks. It also had a string of cute stores, restaurants and […]